Teaching Activities

CHEG 4147: Process Dynamics & Control

  • Upcoming: Spring 2024
  • Previously offered: Spring 2022, Spring 2023
  • Recommended Book:

Chemical process modeling, dynamics, and analysis. Measurement and control of process variables, design, and computer simulation of simple processes and control systems.

Prerequisites: CHEG 3112; CHEG 3124; MATH 2110Q; MATH 2410Q; open only to School of Engineering students.

CHEG 5330: Applied Machine Learning in Chemical Engineering

This course is an applied machine learning algorithms course tailored for the chemical/process engineers. The focus of this course from is on case studies and real-world examples seen by chemical engineers. The course will include exposure to machine learning, data science & analytics, and big data in a chemical engineering context. Students are taught to identify descriptors and predict and optimize system properties using a machine learning approach.

Prerequisites: Instructor consent.